Friday, March 16, 2007

not included

Things I will not be posting about:

-- my cat
-- my wild sexual escapades
-- sweaters I've knitted all by myself
-- chocolate (oddly enough, I'm just not all that fond of it)
-- enneagram analysis
-- mac v. pc

What about you? What won't you be blogging about?


Catherine said...

How my family irritates/disappoints me.
How I hate my mother-in-law.
My sex life and my cycles.

Sara said...

Same as Catherine except change "hate" to "love" for mother-in-law. I could post about how I hate chocolate and yet people still give it to me. I will never ever knit a sweater much less post about it! And I will probably never make posts as entertaining as those by Niobe. But I'm okay with that.

pengo said...

I also never discuss my cats, my sex life, nor my sweaters, of which I own none (sweaters, that is, I have cats and sex.)

Chocolate may come up, I should have bought Apple at 10, and I had to look up that other thing.

I will also not share:

- how rehearsals are going
- personal thoughts about my family
- my aches and pains
- the differences between men and women
- fag jokes
- Galactica

msfitzita said...

Uh oh...I have blogged about my cat, chocolate and things I've crochet. All rather extensively at times.

As for what I won't blog about, I don't know. I blog about whatever happens to need to come out and I just never know exactly what that is until it arrives on the screen.

I guess my only blogging no-no is writing about a particular person (or situation) if I know it will hurt or offend that person should they happen to read the post.

Sometimes that means my head wants to spontaneously combust because I can't rant and vent at will, but that's the price you pay when people you know read your blog.

niobe said...

msfitzita -- I didn't mean that there was anything wrong with blogging about any of those things.

It's just that, for me, some things are too boring (my cat -- though I might reconsider), too difficult (knitting), or just too intimate and personal (enneagrams) to talk about in public.

Monica said...

-sex life (too many people I know read my blog and if I start talking about MY sex life, they may start telling me about theirs)

-the price of gas

-politics (can't alienate the three readers I have)

-my mother

I am going to blog about my cat. Why I haven't yet I don't know.

LAS said...

Didn't you blog about one flourless chocolate cake...