Wednesday, April 11, 2007

brownie points

I’m always pleased when someone agrees with me. That’s especially the case when someone does so in print, in a newspaper with a large circulation. So, I was happy to see this article in today’s New York Times, suggesting that the cultural passion for chocolate had become a “fetish” or a “cult.”

While I like chocolate well enough, I’ve never understood what seems to be some people’s, well, obsession with it. I’ve even wondered if they really liked chocolate that much or whether, maybe, it was a kind of code word for liking candy or sweet things in general. Now I feel kind of, uh, vindicated.

In a spirit of inclusion, for unrepentant chocoholics, the article (check out the sidebar on page 2) also gives several tasty-sounding recipes for brownies. The one for supernatural brownies looks particularly good.


Mappie said...
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Magpie said...

I'm with you - usually take it or leave it about chocolate. That said, those brownies did sound great, and I made a great chocolate cake over the weekend with a LOT of chocolate and eggs and hardly any flour. It was easy, and actually really good.

(PS that was me above, I somehow typed my identity wrong...)

Katie W said...

I'm with you to. Usually if have a craving for something it will be for something ridiculously sweet like Haribo, or for something salty like a big plate of chips (that's fries, not crisps, but English style and big and chunky!), usually it's the chips!

Sheila said...

I didn't read the article, but from my place of Ignorance Re: The Zeitgeist, I'm firmly in the chocolate camp. It's pretty much just chocolate, the darker and higher-quality, the better, and I think I use it to self-medicate. I also have a sweet tooth, but too much plain ol' sugar makes me feel icky, and chocolate doesn't, so I experience them as separate but adjoining categories.

That Mommy said...

I'm with Sheila on this one.

I can do without chocolate desserts, confections, ice creams and the like. Real, high quality dark(est) chocolate brings me a few moments of zen.