Friday, August 17, 2007

rock, paper, scissors

Amelie thinks I'm a rockin' girl blogger. She even says lots of nice things about me. In several languages. Here's the German version:

Niobe schreibt über den Verlust ihrer Zwillinge, ihre Hoffnung und Versuche, ein lebendes Baby zu bekommen, und Kuriositäten aus ihrem Leben in einer wundervollen, manchmal auch verschreckend ehrlichen Art.*

After careful thought, I've managed to winnow my choices for rockin' girl bloggers down to the following five. They are teh kühl. They are clever and insightful and funny. They will rock you.

Casey at Expectant Waiting, who's just emerging from her vigilante phase;

Missed Conceptions: check out her sage advice to the puzzled googler wondering whether or not smoking "pott" during pregnancy is a good idea;

The one liner: If you're nice to her, she just might teach you a very dirty little soccer rhyme in Portuguese. And you have to love someone whose hobbies are "driving my husband crazy. ignoring my mother's phone calls and avoiding the rest of my family;"

Zee at This is Not What I Ordered: who is always thoughtful and introspective, and (though she'll probably blush to hear it) has a resilience and optimism that are contagious;

Caro at Third Time Lucky: who recently both got a BFP and wrote a fascinating post exploring the effects of blogging on relationships with spouses/significant others.

*Okay, here's the translation: Niobe who writes about the loss of her twins, her hope and attempts to have a living baby, and oddities of her life in a wonderful yet sometimes frighteningly honest way.


missedconceptions said...



I would nominate you back, but Amelie beat me to it. Your blog is fantastic.

I'm off to smoke some "pott" while I wait to ovulate. Clearly avoiding illegal substances has not gotten me very far!


Casey said...

Thank you! Thank you!

I guess my passive-aggressive griping in the previous post paid off.

slouching mom said...

congratulations. you are a rockin' blogger, y'know.

and i don't know any of these blogs! more blogs to read for me! (and how timely -- my kids start school in two weeks.)

painted maypole said...

Rock on!

Julia said...

I don't speak German, but I do have to agree with Amelie-- you do so totally rock. All Pariesien (sp?) style and such.

Zee said...

Really??! ME? Wow, Niobe. Thank you. I'm floored. And flattered.(And blushing too, just as you suspected!) This means a lot, as you are a totally rockin' blogger, and I've come to admire you so much for your intelligence, wit, and strength, and for the grace and pared-down passion of your writing. (And, more importantly, for the fact that you're the only person I've ever met who had a crush on Speed Racer too!) Thanks for the incredible compliment.

Magpie said...

You do rock! In many languages.

Caro said...

*staggers up the red carpet in shoes she can't walk in*

Oh wow (blushes) I'd like to thank my parents, my husband, my first teacher, the guinea pig I had when I was 7, etc etc .....

Seriously though, thank you, I'm off to read the other ones you nominated since I'm sure they're far more deserving.

Aurelia said...

You definitely rock to me!