Monday, September 3, 2007

labor day weekend 2007

Latte (above). Plum tart (below). Pesto (not pictured). Peach ice cream (a disaster of unparalleled proportions).

And how would you sum up your weekend?


Suz said...

Boston Pork Roast
Potato Salad
Homemade Cole Slaw

All good. All made by someone else.

Sunny said...

Lots of good drinks!


Good beer
Filet Mignon
Mashed Ps
and HOT BREAD!!!

Man my stomach hurts!

Magpie said...

An orgy of tomatoes.

A child spending the night at the grandparents for the first time.

A visit to my mother.

How can peach ice cream be a disaster?

niobe said...

magpie: It stubbornly refused to take on an ice-cream-like consistency.

Monica said...

Well the crappy part was the in-laws invaded for the whole three days! The good part was:

potato salad
some weird kind of pasta salad
a pulled pork sandwich
chocolate pie

(none was made by me.. it was my parents' block party)

And I'm sure the peach ice cream was delicious. Consistency is overrated.

slouching mom said...

grilled chicken
roasted eggplant
corn on the cob
fruit tart

but i'd have traded it all for some of that plum tart.

cinnamon gurl said...

Portuguese custard tarts... my first time.

Those photos are delish!

Christine said...

angel bites (like little meringues)
peanut butter cookies
carrot/beet juice

yeah--we're weird.

painted maypole said...

scrapping get together: sandwiches

housewarming party: tri-tip, wine, crawfish soup, etc

concert: snowballs

birthday party: brie, brie, wine, more brie, cheeseballs, smoked pork, feta, spinach artichoke dip, asparagus, toffee, more brie

Labor day picnic for hubby's work: RIBS! shrimp, peach cobbler, wine, rice and more ribs

All that weight I lost? Regained.

LeRoy Dissing said...

Your weekend looks more yummy than my cheese/tomato sandwiches topped off with bananas and key lime yogurt!

Lori said...

Well, it ended with a scrumptious vegetable quesadilla, but most of the weekend was spent eating out really lame things like Subway (which my boys, unfortunately, think is the height of dining excellence!)

M said...

Not half as tasty as yours....

The Oneliner (Christina) said...

maternity ward. new niece. lupron shots.
(love the pics!)

Anns said...

Paint. Moving truck. Tools. Mop.
Yours sounds much more delicious.

LAS said...

Down on the farm. Biscuits and sausage gravy, yum. Cookie decorating. Laughing with my oh so cute nephew. In the moment the entire time.

Amelie said...

Your photos are wonderful. I envy you for the latte, which is rare here. As a non-labor-day summary I can offer cocktails with artificial flavor, crepes at 2am, and some workout.

Furrow said...

no visitors. no visits. tiny miracles. bliss....

meg said...

Blueberry smoothies
Vietnamese beef and noodles
Ginger chicken and rice
Cold shrimp rolls
green tea ice cream

(we got take out--lazy buggers that we are!)

Do you have a special lens for your camera, to get those insane close ups? I, as always, love the pics.

niobe said...

Meg: I haven't yet bought the special close-up lens for the camera, but, even without it, the camera has a setting that lets you get pretty close. It's very hard to focus at that distance and any movement is magnified, so I probably end up taking 40 shots to get one or two that are something other than colorful blurs.

wannabe mom said...

dogs. lots. of. dogs. and cats, and cousins, and cards, and mojitos.

meg said...

Yeah, we've tried the same thing with the close ups too--and my husband is gunning for the lens that will get closer. You get great shots though--very inspirational, I must say!