Monday, October 1, 2007

seasonal crafts

Now that it's October, why not try carving a virtual jack-o-lantern?

You won't end up with any seeds to roast, but, on the other hand, you also won't have to clean your kitchen table, counters, and floor.


Suz said...

This is so cool! And if you make a mistake, you can just hit "reset" !!

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

I am just catching up and wanted to let you know that your description of the aftermath of your horrible loss nearly broke my heart. Where was the understanding, the sympathy??!!

A cousin of mine had a similar experience with a singleton and many of our (hateful) relatives referred to it as a "miscarriage" that she needed to "get over" like a few of them did when they lost pregnancies before 12 weeks. One of my other cousins (especially hateful) had a son a couple of months later and everyone was angry that my cousin who had given birth to her dead son did not visit her.

That was one of the reasons that I have cut myself off from those family members. I don't want to be friends with people like that, never mind be related to them.

But it is much harder when your immediate family is involved. I am so, so sorry that they failed you.

Anonymous said...

I can't get into carving virtual pumpkins because I can't use my totally cool pumpkin carving drill!

It does make a huge mess, but there is something so satisfying about the bits of pumpkin being thrown about by a little orange drill.

niobe said...

My reality: Is it okay if I say that dismembering a pumpkin with a drill (while, no doubt, way cool and lots of fun) sounds a teeny bit, uh, scary?

Though, on reflection, I guess stabbing it with a large knife isn't all that much better.

Christine said...

i love your picture so much, niobe. you could sell these, really.

Christine said...

ok--just made my pumpkin (i'm quick) I loved it!

LAS said...

Oh my gosh - I love pumpkin carving - I love it!!!! Last year I attempted to relief carve a pumpkin (3 actually - two were for practice), after seeking out a u-gouge linoleum cutter at a craft store (no, you don't cut floor linoleum with this) and eventually the whole thing ended in a bloody mess when I stabbed myself in the palm of the hand with the tool. But I loved it! I'm going to try it again this year!!

Aurelia said...

Okay, this is fun
Especially when I hook up the computer to the big screen.

46 inch jack o lanterns in high def!

Elizabeth said...

I think I just spent 20 minutes carving face after face - from sweet to scary to just plain random. Thanks for such a fun link, and I agree with Christine about your photos!