Monday, March 17, 2008


I know we all have far too much on our plates (see, e.g., the to-do lists in the comment section a couple of posts back) But, if at all possible, you really should make room on your feed reader or in your daily round of blog-clicking for a I'm A Smart One. Kymberli writes about infertility, her successful surrogacy, and her current surrogacy cycle. And she's always thoughtful, clever, and really, really funny.

Also, if you've been on the receiving end of clueless or callous remarks about topics like infertility, adoption, foster care, miscarriage or baby loss, why not assuage your pain by sharing them with the world? Over at The Waiting, usgirls is looking for the most jaw-droppingly inappropriate thing someone has said to you. Leave your submission in comments and if it's the best (by which I mean the worst), you'll win a fizzy bath ball.