Wednesday, June 11, 2008

dandelion days

I'm spectacularly bad at memes, but Janistan tagged me for one that seems to involve questions I can actually answer. Unlike, say, the one where I was supposed to pick six hot celebrities. As anyone who knows me can attest, I am so culturally clueless that I would have a hard time identifying six celebrities of any variety or temperature. But anyway.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

Crying. Thinking sad thoughts. Writing sad, sad lyrics for sad, sad songs. If nothing else, I'm consistent,

2. What 5 things are on your to-do list for today?

  • Read the [work-related materials].
  • Find a date to schedule [work-related meeting].
  • Attend the [work-related event].
  • Get [work-related person's] views on [work-related topic].
  • Edit the next iteration of [work-related document].
3. List some snacks you enjoy.

This is hard, because I'm generally too lazy to procure snacks for myself. Um, things that I sometimes eat/drink between meals include:
  • miso soup (it comes in tasty little packets.* Just add hot water!)
  • cheez-its (though, alas, I gave them up as of last week)
  • popsicles
  • lattes
*The packets themselves aren't tasty. But you know what I mean.

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?

Toss it. Because I'm sure it's counterfeit.

5. List the places you have lived.
  • East Coast, USA (various cities)
  • West Coast, USA
  • Southern France
The list is deceptive because, although I've spent a few years living elsewhere, I've lived the majority of my life in the same urban-ish, high-density, supremely self-satisfied town.

6. List the jobs you have had.

I could tell you, but . . . well, you know.

Okay. That wasn't so bad. Your turn.


Magpie said...

Mmm, popsicles dripping on [work-related documents]...

Bea said...

Crying. Thinking sad thoughts. Writing sad, sad lyrics for sad, sad songs. If nothing else, I'm consistent.

That is my favourite response to a meme ever.

Julia said...

That shot is awesome. I bow to the master.

Beck said...

You lived in Southern France? Why have I been nowhere?

beagle said...

If I could paint, I'd paint a wall full of dandelions in this stage.