Thursday, July 17, 2008

jurassic desk

edited to (I hope) make the first picture visible.


Antigone said...

I want your camera. Please advise.

Julia said...

Wah-- I can't see the first pic. What's up with that?

Monica H said...

Julia- try clicking on the first pic. It didn't show up for me either, but then I clicked on it and it took me to the flicker page.

niobe said...

julia, monica: I think it's fixed.

antigone: Really, you don't want my camera. It's an old, out-of-production canon powershot pro1, held together with duct tape.

I'm trying to justify to myself the idea of going out and getting a new one, but I haven't done any research. If you (or anyone else) put up a post seeking recommendations, I'd read the comments avidly.

Julia said...

Oh, cool-- now I see it, and I think you are having waaaay too much fun at work.

Antigone and Niobe-- I have a Nikon D40x, and I love it. They have recently discontinued it in favor of D60, which has a few extra features. Unless you want to splurge on a 300, D60 is where it's at. Unfortunately, Canon optics are much inferior to Nikon these days, so the deck is stacked. Costco is running a nice sale on all of their Nikon SLRs these days, both in stores and online, if that helps.

Kristen said...

This made me laugh! I needed the laugh - thank you.

I have a Nikon D40X - and I love it. Of course I have no idea how to use it - and I'm sure I'm not doing it justice - but I do love it nonetheless.

christina(apronstrings) said...

re:previous post-hahahahhahhaha. i have heard so many stupid things said in court. i guess it makes the day go faster?

love this post too. jurassic park. do i hear a *bit* of happiness in your voice? dare i say it?