Friday, August 22, 2008

i want candy

The Great Chocolate Giveaway of 2008 is now closed. If you left a comment on the last post before midnight or so (and I'm bending the rules a little, so that includes you, Ruby) you're entitled to FREE CHOCOLATE . But only one per customer. So if you left six or seven duplicate comments, whether by sheer accident or out of unadulterated greed, you still get just one prize. (sorry, Joy).

To collect your chocolate, send me a email with a name and postal address to which I can forward your swag. My email addy is: like dot niobe dot all dot tears at the email service that begins with the letter g dot com. Or click on the email me icon at the bottom of this post and an email addressed to me should pop up on your screen.

Please put the word CHOCOLATE (yes, preferably in all caps) in the title of your email, so it won't get overlooked in my daily barrage of offers for male enhancement devices and lucrative business propositions from kindly Nigerian widows. If you can't stand chocolate and would rather have jelly beans or gummy worms, let me know that too.

And many thanks for your thoughtful and helpful comments!