Tuesday, September 16, 2008

as if

Twenty-four weeks and one day. By this time,last time everything was well on its not-so-merry way to hell in a handbasket.* This time, so far, everything looks just fine.

In fact, yesterday, I caught myself contemplating that it's well within the realm of possibility that, come early January, I may actually need one of these. Not that I would actually order it or anything. But still.

Oh, and on a tangentially related subject. A few of my friends have had baby girls lately. Any suggestions on websites for cool 'n trendy girl baby gear? I know, I know. But baby stuff does tend to be highly gendered. And it's easier for me to look for girl things because we're having (gritting teeth, crossing fingers, knocking on wood) one of those not-girl things.

*But why a handbasket? Why not a laundry basket or picnic basket? Or, I suppose, more appropriately in this case, a moses basket?

EDITED TO ADD: I think Gretchen's comment pretty much nails the answer to the only partially rhetorical question above.

And, though there have certainly been times (and some of them not all that long ago) when I would have found sticking sharp objects into my eyes vastly preferable to perusing sites filled with adorable baby clothes, if you're feeling up to it, there are some really fantastic ones mentioned in the comments.


Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Everyday that passes brings you one day closer to the beautiful result you are awaiting. I'm thinking of you and praying for both of you.

YAY for 24 weeks! ((HUGS))

Lori said...

Just discovered a cute collection called, Tea. I believe the website is, www.teacollection.com

24 weeks... sigh...phew...sigh... All of that, and more.

c. said...

Hoping for the best, Niobe.

(And Lori is right. Tea is fabulous.)

Tash said...

Funny, I've often perused the boy's department for Bella.

Tea is lovely, and if you have a Nordstrom Rack, I've often found them there as well. We do some Boden since it's not the usual, and I also think H&M kids/babies has some cute stuff that can go either way.

You could always leave the shopping to us, you know . . . We don't seem like the dumptruck on a bib crowd.

Antigone said...

Hmm...thinking about your taste...How about

Antigone said...

I'm in a mood. I've actually had this thought:
The further along, the easier it will be to find preemie clothes to fit him before his cremation.

Intending To Be Parents said...

I've had my eye on that same Ikea item for a long time, but in white. Hoping to buy it one day too.
And BTW - those peaches look awesome.

Aunt Becky said...

Hmm...I usually do Nordstrom's, but it's not super-hip.


Is it sad that I don't know?

niobe said...

If only my friends shared my somewhat, uh, unusual sense of humor, I could go with this or perhaps this

WARNING: DO NOT click on these links if you think that the terms "macabre," "morbid" or "really kinda sick" are adjectives should not be used to modify the term "baby-related items."

niobe said...

Intending to be parents: Yes, I'd (y'know, theoretically) would definitely get the white version too. I just couldn't link to it for some reason.

Magpie said...

Or a handbag for that matter...

Check out http://mightyjunior.com/ or http://www.coolmompicks.com/ for gifts.

And congratulations on the 24 week mark. I like that nice plain crib.

Dr. Grumbles said...

I haven't ordered a crib yet, either. Something about standing in front of an auditorium of students and telling them that a fetus of my fetus's gestational age would have a 1% chance of survival if born now makes me hesitate...

I have picked one out. Maybe I'll order it soon. If not, well, people used to put babies to sleep in drawers when times were tough - I have a dresser with some nice roomy drawers.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Robeez shoes because we (and by we I mean Baby S wears them and I put them on him) wear them every day. They help keep those little baby socks on.


LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

I am sorry that I haven't kept up with your blog but am deliriously happy to see the good news. I understand 200% your hesitation to believe that you might actually get a baby out of the pregnancy. I still can't believe that LL will be a real (and healthy!) human being. My new quasi-obsessive thinking is that he will be born healthy but then be diagnosed with something like autism. Fucked up, no?

Bravo on the search for non-gender specific items. I was doing a decent job until my workplace showered me with two huge gift bags of clothes for LL - and 98% of them were blue. One of them even says "future quaterback." And I HATE football. And despise assuming that my little boy will like sports and want to push people over on a field. Sure, it might happen but I don't want it to be forced upon him.:-)


Dayna said...

Hoping for the best for you, Niobe.

Also, I like this stuff:


nikole said...

first time commenter...longtime reader.

i'm keeping everything crossed for you.

as far as baby girl things, i have one word - babylegs. http://www.babylegs.net/

Aurelia said...

24 weeks!!!

So excited for you!!

And yes, I think those items are hilarious.

And they don't say laundry basket because everyone knows that laundry is hell, so it would be self-evident. As opposed to hand baskets which can contain presents and nice things.

Gretchen said...

Alliteration is to blame for handbasket being the choice mode of transport to Hell. If Hell were called Washington, you'd go there in a wastebasket.

For great baby girl (and non-girl) stuff, check out this site:


I get the catalog and it is one of the few I can't toss. I must look at every picture, even when I am not in the market for anything they have.

charmedgirl said...

that thing you need for january? funny how it's named for a traveler whose stories themes inquire, nature or nurture? i think, when i see that thing, the stuff it brings up in me, definitely nurture. and not in a good way. funny name, that thing has.

24 weeks? already? sheesh!! i can't even imagine a countdown without the physical gripes...must be so strange...

Tash said...

Ok, based on your links, somewhere I was last time around had a sling with day-of-the-dead type fabric that really rocked. I'll see if I can track that down. . .

Anonymous said...

I have no clue where to get cute girl stuff.

But I can tell you that when you cook the peaches with the brandy, the alcohol cooks off. :)

I am a lightweight, too.

Beruriah said...

24 weeks, sigh. Phew.

Now baby girls-I have no idea. Seriously. Bon is the first person I've known, real life or blog life, to have one of those in such a long time.

Since your friends don't share the amusing taste you've displayed above, why not something Hanna Andersen?

Which Box said...

24 weeks! And you're starting to feel a mite bit positive. I had to pass 26 weeks before I bought anything at all.

A second vote for Robeez. So cute. Also love love love little socks that look like mary janes or ballerina shoes or whatever. I'll see if I can find a link later. (and I also love the skulls and whatnot, but hmm, yeah, you know your friends better than I do).

Lisa b said...

I am very excited for you to get that crib!

Christine said...

crazy 8


Monica H said...

I happen to like stuff from Uncommon Goods.

I don't know how to link, but their website is below.

And I'm a lightweight too.


Monica H said...

Or this- hahaha!


Ms. Planner said...

The 24-week hurdle. Although I know this is a tough time of year for you, it would seem that this is indeed a ray of light that just keeps growing stronger and more vibrant.

As mom to a little girl, I suggest trying:

www.babywit.com (hysterical tshirts & onesies)

thirtysomething said...

May I suggest purchasing the crib that can change into the toddler bed, then the twin bed? Saves money in the long run, as well as the hassle of assembly.

Twenty-four weeks....almost past that hurdle.
The websites the other commenters listed are all so cute/funny/adorable!

The Broken Man said...

Not cheap, but we really like http://www.ohbabylondon.com/

The future aunt has already bought our baby a few bits from there, and they might be enough to accomadate your sense of humour, without upsetting other people! :)

The Broken man

Stephanie said...

Try Baby legs, super practical, wash and wear wonderfully, and lots of neat patterns to choose from including skull and crossbones.


painted maypole said...

i don't know why it's a handbasket, but one of my favorite bumper stickers is

"where are we going? and why are we all in this handbasket?"

christina(apronstrings) said...

i have so much hope for you. it must feel good-though i know you won't exhale until then-to be past this milestone. i say milestone, which is an understament, becuase i can't utter a more appropriate word.

h2o girl said...

Niobe - thanks so much for posting those funky/macabre sites, I just purchased a Def Leppard onesie and a skull hat for my brother's baby, due on Thanksgiving. Sweet! I wanted to get the Kiss Army onesie, but I couldn't do that to my SIL.

Hennifer said...

As a mother of a baby girl, and so very thankful for all the hand me downs, but oh-so-sick of all the pink and age inappropriate clothes these comments were a great resource.

I love the babywit stuff and the punks stuff and the tea stuff is beautiful but so expensive.

Wishing you a little peace each day!