Tuesday, October 6, 2009

as barney says....

... sharing is caring.

Now, as a general matter, I realize that I'm not all that good at sharing. But instead of getting into exactly what rather unflattering conclusions one might draw from that, in the I Love You, You Love Me Spirit of A Certain Green and Purple Dinosaur, I'm going to, yes, share with you the comprehensive and definitive and practically-all-inclusive list of things that Niobe hates that everyone else loves. Please, don't all thank me at once.

  • Facebook

  • chocolate ice cream

  • the Beatles (sorry, Mel )

  • Woody Allen

  • The Giving Tree

  • The Velveteen Rabbit

  • socks

  • catsup (even typing the word creeps me out)

  • mustard (ditto)

  • the Narnia series

  • the Winter Olympics (and, I'll admit it, the Summer Olympics too)

  • and did I mention socks?

eta: and wait! There's more! I had almost forgotten a few other things that everyone except me (and, apparently, a few clear-sighted and helpful commenters) loooves and I cannot stand:
  • beer

  • meatloaf

  • Uggs

  • mayo (the condiment, not the county)

  • Russian dressing

  • Ranch dressing

  • French dressing

  • really pretty much any kind of dressing

One day, if you're very, very lucky, I'll even go so far as to share the inverse or the converse, by which I mean the list of things I love that everyone else hates.

But, in the meantime, why not tell us at least one thing you hate that everyone else loves? And it's more than okay if you want to, uh, share one of mine.


Azaera said...

-Sports and anything sports related, and especially sports on tv.
and a bunch of other stuff I can't think of at the moment.

niobe said...

Azaera: Omigosh, yes! I am so with you on the crocs and uggs. And I also hate clogs, but I'm not sure if other people actually like them.

Azaera said...

I always thought Uggs were so called because of how ugly they are. And yeah clogs, ew. I also hate socks. I would go barefoot forever if I could.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Twitching with the mention of the Beatles. Twitching.

Things I hate that others love:



Jonathan Safran Foer's writing

Jus and Kat said...

I'm about a year into blogging, and I am not a fan of 'blog talk' (the grammar-freak in me just wants everyone to spell things out). I say 'husband' NOT 'DH'. [Sorry if I rub anyone the wrong way!]

:o Kat

rachel said...

--Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.

niobe said...

@Rachel: I was, as they say thisclose (sorry, Kat) to adding that shudder-inducing children's book to my list. And The Runaway Bunny. Also.

Jana said...

red meat

areyoukiddingme said...

Twilight, Handmaid's Tale, The Lovely Bones, anything by Nicholas Sparks, Wally Lamb, or Patricia Cornwell, most things on Oprah's book list
Dancing with the Stars and John & Kate plus 8(well, most prime time TV)
Baskets (esp. Longaberger)
Honda vehicles

I also hate Woody Allen and Uggs. While I use Facebook, I think it's odd that people are addicted to it (see also: Twitter).

I could go on for days!

Azaera said...

Pumpkin Pie. I hate pumpkin pie, and also black licorice. YUCK. (apparently I can't stop commenting.)

areyoukiddingme said...

I do like my clogs, but I am under no illusions that they are in any way attractive...and so I don't like people who pretend that there is such a thing as attractive clogs.

after iris said...

baked beans

lip gloss



stand-up comedy

high heels

sitting in the sun

jill said...

Watermelon. Yuck.

rachel said...

I forgot a few...

--Dooney and Burke bags
--Vera Bradley

Rachel said...

I agree about the Giving Tree. I also hate U2 and flip-flops.

Sarah said...

The Beatles are evil, and my husband has converted my daughter into a rabid fan. I think her fandom is kind of cute, but I can't get behind them or their music. Throw Cat Stevens on that pile as well.

OPRAH - and damn near anything she endorses by association. Which feels childish, because not everything she endorses sucks as much as she does.

The gooey children's books mentioned here in the comments. (still like Velveteen Rabbit) My kids don't know them and yet they know I love them... what are the odds?

Rachel Ray- really ANY of the "morning TV" shows. Treating their opinions and ADVERTISEMENTS as though they are real news.

Reality TV - especially the involving voting for participants


Children wearing crocs in particular - TWEAK!!

Will Ferrell

The American Pie Movies

Yo Gabba Gabba

Better stop now.

Jayme said...

I hate lots of the stuff you and others mentioned...

Country Music

Sarah said...

Oh wait... I have to add Twilight. The whole idea of 30something women getting their panties in a bunch over a bunch of TEENAGED "vampires"... PLEASE. When I was a teenager, I was way into teenaged vampires... NOT a teen anymore!

Just a big soapbox jumping grown woman, apparently.

Kori said...

I hate meatloaf. And Twitter. And that Nicholas Sparks dude. I hate advertising and, actually, television. Except public television. I hate blog posts that review tv shows becuase if I wanted to hear about the stupid show, I would just watch it. I hate the sound of a fork scraping on teeth. I reeeeallly hate meatloaf.

angie said...

soda. it burns.

niobe said...

@Kori: And how could I forget meatloaf? Because it's one of those two birds, one stone kind of things. Because, you know, c*tsup.

I'll admit that I kinda like Meatloaf (as in Paradise by the Dashboard Light) though.

Christa said...

Nickelback--I can't stand the completely pop songs sung by a fake bad-ass voice.

Borat--I cannot stand watching real people be humiliated. Makes my skin crawl.

Leonardo/Titanic--Still managed to not have watched it and won't watch anything with him in it--such a girly-looking non-man.

Major snaps to the terrible book Love You Forever. I don't get that one!

Chinese food--there are only a few dishes I can stand and I could easily go the rest of my life without them--the sauces are too sticky and thick-yuck!

Patti said...

Reality TV



Magicians (they annoy me no end)


Jon & Kate Gosselin


Bluebird said...

I'm going to be lame and echo the hatred of Facebook, Twitter, and Crocs.

Also, America's Funniest Home Videos and anything else that encourages people to crack up while others endure significant physical pain.

And pot roast.

And yellow. Like, bright yellow. I really, really hate that.

Patti said...

I forgot..


Dr Phil (someone put that man out of my misery, please)

Twitter (just don't get it)

Anything by Sascha Cohen

Chick flicks (romantic comedies are from Satan, I tell you)

The Wiggles

I could go on....

loribeth said...

Pickles. When I was a little girl I'd go to birthday parties & everyone else would be chomping away on them. Grossed me out (still do). I'm always taking them off hamburgers & giving them to dh.

Jennifer Lopez. Never got the big deal over her. If you take away the glamorous clothes & makeup, she's really not that pretty. And she really can't sing. Her voice is very thin.

areyoukiddingme said...

I'm having meatloaf for lunch. With catsup.

niobe said...

@areyoukiddingme: The horror. The horror.

Yolanda (callipygian chronicle) said...

Some of mine:
~romantic comedies
~high school sweethearts
~melons (any variety, blech)
~milk (blech, blech, blech)
~ditto on chocolate ice cream

rachel said...

How could I forget Ranch dressing? *shudder*

Meg said...

i really hate bread and wierdly potatoes. i love french fries, though, if they are fried enough and thin enough so you don't have to taste the potato. I also hate any and all seafood. i also hate all the harry potter books/movies!

Tash said...

Please count me in on the Facebook, Uggs hate. Oh, and also:

"The TIme Traveler's Wife"
coconut (except coconut milk, as in curry, which I love)
Dave Matthews
the color pink

So I'm realizing as I read this that I can't really say I like socks (though hate is a mighty strong word), but, er, what do you do? Because I hate hose even more. And barefoot makes my shoes stinky.

LJ said...

I hate beer and socks too! Though I can't really get behind your Beatles hate :)

Roller Coasters
The Wire
The Sopranos

leanne said...

Russian dressing
baked beans
black licorice
reality TV (one exception: Top Chef)
horseradish sauce
also alfredo sauce

I haven't done Facebook or read Twilight or Harry Potter. Can't say I hate them (since I haven't tried them), but I'm not so curious as to delve into them yet either. Perhaps call me ambivalent.

Secondarymom said...

Wonder Pets- I loathe this kids show
Malcolm in the Middle
Everybody Love Raymond
Most sitcoms

heatherhollars said...

so many dittos...
uggs, crocs, headbands on bald babies, thongs, pop music, mtv, dancing w the stars, red wine, socks(but i understand i need them), miracle whip (soooo gross), anything cherry flavored, coconut (real fake and or milk, and theres more...

painted maypole said...

ha ha. my husband HATES Woody Allen. If I watch one of his movies (I think he's OK) I have to do it in secret so as not to get any flak for it.

I hate Crocs. I think they are inexcusably ugly, and have no business being worn in public. Yet I allowed my daughter to get a pair.

painted maypole said...

people who become your friend so that they can try to sell you stuff from their "home business"

erica said...


And I'm with you on The Giving Tree.

MOM 2 SMOK said...

I cannot stand FEET, adult feet that is baby feet are too cute!! They gross me out. I don't want them touching me, and hairy toes are hard for me to look at. I can't even get a pedicure because I have such an utter disgust for feet!!

Alison said...

Tea (and I'm English)

Hate the stuff

Anonymous said...


Which is why I'm commenting as anon.

Joy said...

Survivor, American Idol and most reality TV. TV turned out loud. TV news. Multi-level marketing. Beer. Jodi Picoult. That stupid game show with the briefcases. (I've never seen it but I'm sure I hate it). Textese (R U OK?) Crocs and Uggs and thongs, particulary thongs on other people who feel the need to show me their underwear. Also baggy pants and all things gangsta. Hate auto-tune except "auto tune the news".

The Nanny said...


And conservatives.

But really, really cheese.

Furrow said...

I used to say Shakespeare, but then I had to teach him, and I fell in like.

Still, Hemingway.

Furrow said...

and The Three Stooges.

Jackie said...

Meat Pie!!

Anonymous said...

Cell phones...

MFA Mama said...

I hate Facebook with the kind of passion I usually reserve for evangelists and MRSA.
I also hate Woody Allen (esp. since he signed the petition to free Roman Polanski), The Giving Tree (so damn depressing--why am I the only one in most rooms who sees that???), the Narnia series, beer, Uggs, Russian dressing, BLEU CHEESE dear lord do I hate that stuff, it gags me, that lemon-juice-and-mayo sauce that SOME people like on artichokes, dry wine, most liquor, thong underpants (WHY???), hair spray, acrylic nails, and, ahem, "marital aids."

Clarabella said...

-Apple Pie
-Nick Cage
-Rachel Ray

I am actually with you on many of the things on your list, although I have to say, I don't understand your hate of condiments. Mmm, yummy condiments.

mayberry said...


swisschard said...

Amélie Poulain

mayberry said...

and those damn Twilight books.

Melissa said...

- Children's beauty pageants

- Most reality tv

- clothing that's too tight (especially causing muffin top)

- textese (thank you, Joy - didn't know there was a term for that!)

hudson6803 said...

Cake. I do like the occasional homemade cake, but wedding cake, store bought cakes - BLECH.


Magpie said...

Mayo. Lobster. And Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

High heels. Make-up. And Vera Bradley bags.

And almost all television.

Magpie said...

PS - I can't wait to see your converse list.

Kate said...

Watermelon and marshmallows.

How can these things be eaten by reasonable people?

niobe said...

Very good point, Kate. Not to mention the horribleness that is (cue spooky music) S'MORES!

Leaving the not-so-tasty taste aside, why would anyone eat something with such a dopey-sounding name?

clare said...

visiting NYC
going to the mall
too many sunny days in a row

Holly said...

I agree with most....had no idea that so many people were anti-condiment.

Having to listen to annoying ring tones on cell phones really gets to me.


Anonymous said...

ground meat

the chocolate/peanut-butter combo


Virginia said...



James Patterson

Dan Brown


Christine said...


the stupid scarf trend with tank tops and flip flops. WTF???

Hennifer said...

Ignoring all the things on your list that personally make me weep :-)

Coffee (yes, even the smell), beer, Uggs, The Office, alfredo sauce, gross out comedy

Interested to see your converse list

Maggie said...

I hate french fries. And crocs. And I really don't prefer chocolate.

thordora said...

Your hatred for condiments. Amuses me still. :)

I hate those "dresses" girl wear that barely cover anything

I hate blogs swimming in ads with crap for content.

I hate people who bathe in perfume

I hate thong sandals, anything between my toes-ick.

Eva said...

Mayo, chicken.

Anonymous said...

-tea{or any coffee/tea related beverage}
-hot weather
-soap operas
-jerry springer

angie said...

so without dressings, ketchup, mustard, mayo...do you eat everything dry?

Holly said...

Another one:
I hate the abbreviation LOL.

Still can't get over the condiment thing....who would ever have thought.


Kristin said...

I truly don't understand the appeal of Woody Allen. He just gives me the creeps.

Anonymous said...

I despise the Olympics, both Winter and Summer. I cringe when I know they're coming as I find the whole thing so annoying. Bleh.

niobe said...

@angie: I prefer to think of it as "unadulterated." ; )

debbie said...

Harry Potter, or, for that matter, any books that large groups of people do more than swoon over (I did, however, love Eat, Pray, Love)

language shortcuts, i.e., saying "getta" instead of "get to" and, along those same lines, pronouncing words incorrectly just because everyone else does it. For example, I find that west of the Mississippi, people love to add a "t" (or is it an ed?) to the word across, i.e., he went "acrosst" or "acrossed" the street" Few things make me shudder more.

Desperate Housewives--do people really like that ridiculous show?

And I'd say Jon and Kate, but I can't people that anyone loves that shit.

debbie said...

of course, in that last thought I meant I can't believe . . . not I can't people

Anonymous said...

I despise ketchup.

I also hate seeing it spelled catsup.

But no matter how you spell it, I think you are one of the rare few who shares my hatred of the substance.

niobe said...

@My Reality: Which is just one of the many reasons I <3 you.

B said...

banana's and banana chips. They stink.

Just think about the smell of a banana in a plastic bag or a banana in a car and you too will cease to like them.

I like banana bread, banana muffins and fake banana lollies.

B said...

Not sure why i put an apostrophe in bananas. Must have absorbed it from the green grocer.

B said...

I've been meaning to ask how your sister is going. ? It sounded like the mend will be a long slow one. She is still in my thoughts.

Ellie said...


Bruce Springsteen



Those baby carseats that everyone lugs their babies around in.

Anonymous said...

Frank Sinatra...he seems like the type to hit women. I flinch when I hear his songs.

Grey's Anatomy...although I tivo Private Practice to see what Kate Walsh is wearing.

Mer said...

I hate anything that has to do with Disney. I am so tired of people telling me how magical Disney World is, and how they can't wait for their next trip there. I hate it, and I can't for the life of me see why people like it so much. Yesterday a friend called me un-American for feeling this way.

I also hate most reality TV. Why do I care if a person thinks they can dance or if they can outwit others in a house?

Gretchen said...


Bruce Springsteen.


The scent of lavender.

kateypie35 said...

Brad Pitt.

I actually find him unattractive.

edenland said...


Ha! Just kidding! (Mostly) ....

I hate the entire series of Lord of the Rings, mornings, and pineapple on pizza.

Christine said...

BTW--i also sort of dislike the Beatles. give me the Stones any day.

kari said...

Chicken wings and ribs. Hate 'em.
I also hate ketchup. Can't even stand the smell of it.

Christy said...



that movie/musical Chicago

nicely manicured lawns

Anonymous said...

Ok this is from my phone so I know I will have more later
-people who call it walmarts
-taking about or watching the weather
-owning a dog
-coffee unless it has been frappucinoed up
-Elvis Costello
-Burger King
-organized fun
-fist bumps
-sauces in general because I always live in fear (yes, fear) of mayo


Anonymous said...

American Idol
Staying up late
Listening to music while doing other things (walking, commuting, etc)

Anonymous said...

The book "The Runaway Bunny." My partner's mom gave it to him as a Christmas gift the first year he spent Christmas with me and my family (not surprisingly, he hasn't spent a holidy with his family since). Although I am greatly paraphrasing, his shrink pretty much roared with laughter and more or less asked, "Now do you believe it's not you, it's them?"

The Giving Tree and The Velveteen Rabbit also make the list. To this day, even as an adult, I am traumatized when giving away stuffed animals.

French food.

Alcohol in general. I don't mind having ONE drink once in a while, but thirty-somethings still going out and getting drunk every weekend? Are you serious?

Sororities and Fraternities.

Pork products (except for bacon).

Bubble Tea. Feels like you're eating boogers.

Most television sitcoms.

Posting as Anon for obvious reasons, but I'll e-mail you and let you know who it is.

Jacinta said...

It is the most disgusting thing on the planet.

I had to wrack my brains for that, having gotten very caught up in the annoying things that people do. Like saying 'somethink' when they really mean 'something'. It grates on me.

charmedgirl said...

i HATE socks and panties. HAAAATE. and here it is, coming up on sock weather. strangely, i think we've discussed this before!

mayo is really gross too, and crocks and uggs are very unattractive.

seems everyone's loving the 80's style lately and ummm...i don't get it. YUCK!!

lastly, although i love tattoos, i really don't like piercings at all.

The Nanny said...

Now I'm curious, Niobe. What do you put on your feet when they get cold? Like, to wear out of the house? Tennis shoes sans-socks? Slippers 24/7?

Props to you -- I love socks, but they're annoying little buggars to wash and such. Always getting lost.

Tash said...

After reading this list, I have this strange urge to put on some tube socks, mix some ketchup and mayo together, and then dip a s'more in it and chow down while listening to pretentious rock music.

Just me?

Angela said...

I cannot stand "The Giving Tree"... it makes me irrationally angry every time I've had to suffer through reading it. I got rid of our copy even though it was a gift. I am no fan of the Beatles (or the Stones - Mick grosses me OUT!).

Marshmallows - yuck!

Anonymous said...

personalized ring tones.

Anonymous said...

Improv comedy. It's usually not funny, and it gives me anxiety.

Haunted houses... don't even get me started.

And when mothers put on bows or flowers that are twice the size of their babies' heads.

Thalia said...



Oh and that thing with the hair bows, too.

Ashley said...

Ditto on Facebook, Uggs, Crocs, mustard and mayo. I also hate seafood, coffee and skinny jeans worn by men!

Amelie said...

Cilantro. Olives. Cigarette smoke (if you lived here you'd think everyone loves it)

And I'm also curious how you manage without socks.

Anonymous said...

Well, just to really piss people off, I must say I own Croc Flip- Flops, and I LOVE them. Seriously, love. I do hate Crocs, the original things, but the flip-flops? Must have on feet if not barefoot. I wear flip flops year 'round, but since I lived in Hawaii, I think it's allowed.
Ok, also hate
U2-oh so annoying
alcohol of any kind- turns my stomach thinking about it
preschoolers- sorry, I know that makes me sound horrible, especially since I have 2 in my own home
Meatloaf-the so-called singer who talks long stories in his "songs" God help me that guy

Anonymous said...

Im so glad to find Im not the only person who doesnt like Jodi Picoult. I cant stand her books, I think they are depressing and horrible. I realize that life can be depressing and horrible, but seriously, why does the husband always have to cheat on the wife and the kids die from some awful disease or stupid accident.

I also hate Hemingway. And Frank Lloyd Wright. And any sort of sauce or gravy with the exception of alfredo sauce. And cheese unless its melted. I despise cartoons made for adults too, like Family Guy or any of those on Cartoon Network at night.

Jill said...

I also hate most condiments. Ketchup is alright on fries, but thats it and even then I usually go without. Mayo in VERY limited amounts. Mustard, never. Same for vinegar and oil or whatever it is they always want to put on my sandwiches.

I hate any sort of food that is too many things combined together. Like casseroles and most soups. Meatloaf is included in that group. And I wont eat any food that touches.

Caro said...

chocolate ice cream
America's Funniest Home Videos

Meim said...

Hershey's Kisses, candy corn, peeps, circus peanuts, marshmallows, sprinkles, frosting (I'm gonna gag), jelly beans, "little black dresses", pedicures, "The Office", socks and/or shoes, feeling the sand between my toes on a beach (heave), and Taylor Swift. Okay. I said it. What?

Thanks, Niobe. I feel MUCH better. :)

Lindsay said...

I hate Indian food,
and reality t.v.

excavator said...

I hate anything that I feel pressured to LOVE:




"Love You Forever"

I just came by to check to make sure my email is accessible to you--I noticed on one blog my email said COM instead of NET and now I'm paranoid. Then I couldn't resist leaving my .02.

Anonymous said...

contemporary fiction
fish for food
most television
the anti-mayo movement
my breasts
horror movies


HMC said...

I recently heard Love You Forever described as "Mommy porn." I laughed for a long time. :o)

Which Box said...

Also HATE Jodi Picoult
excess waxing the bikini area
banana flavored things, but like bananas and banana bread
cilantro (it tastes like soap to me)
talking on a cell phone

Patti said...

I love reading this list and I find myself nodding and agreeing with most of these things. I have to wonder, though, how difficult would it be to list things we really love?

The not anonymous Jen said...

lol, ROFL, most of those other abbreviations. Abhor DH, DS, DD even though I love my husband, son, and daughter. I do not appreciate the forced 'dear'

smilies on IM platforms or on the board I frequent. I'm ok with ones like this: ; )

Any of the texting style writing, lack of punctuation, capitalization.


artificial 'fruit' flavors. They bear no resemblance to the real fruit.

Ice cream with chunks of anything in it. Even though I love toasted almonds on my vanilla.

Avocados, bell peppers, walnuts.

TV or movies that are embarrassing, by which I mean I'm embarrassed for the characters. Thus pretty much all sitcoms, all reality tv.

Most of the cheap chocolate I used to love until I met real chocolate

marshmallow fluff

hollandaise sauce, why do people hate artichokes so much they put that stuff on them?

Most barbecue sauce, I don't understand why people put it on steak. Again, do they hate steak?

I don't understand the fad for retro 60s, 70s, 80s stuff. Wasn't it bad enough the first time around?

SyFy channel, even though I didn't mind the SciFi channel.

In that line - kr8tif spelling; it hurts. Badly. Esp. all the kids with horribly spelled names or names that aren't names. I'm looking at you, Kadence, Jaiden, and all the other travesties people have saddled on their kids

Expresso. It's espresso, people!

I hate that children's clothing designers think that small girl-type children should be dressed as sluts. What's with the miniskirts on 1 year olds much less 5 or 10 year olds? Don't get me started on the thongs and other not.even.in.the.same.building.as.appropriate-wear.

Wow, you'd think I was full of hate when I'm usually a pretty happy type.

I don't know what Love You Forever even is! I don't understand the hate for The Runaway Bunny - do you have to have family issues to understand that one? On foodstuffs, well, I don't need to understand your hatred of condiments, I have my own food foibles.

Anonymous said...

Talking about wedding plans in minute detail. I could not care less about the flowers or color scheme or whatever. I would rather go to the dentist and have an extraction without any kind of drugs.

Anonymous said...

Love this post -- so interesting to read all of the comments too.

I hate potatoes, but was comforted to see Meg's comment and know I'm not the only one. Other things I hate that others seem to love:

Jon Mayer (he sounds like he is singing with his teeth pressed together. Amy Grant sings the same way, blech)

The Time Traveler's Wife

Bare feet on a non-carpeted floor --makes me cringe just thinking about it. I get very disturbed at the airport if I happen to not be wearing socks when I go through security. Gah. What do you sock-haters do in this situation?


Jordin Sparks

Pad Thai

Amberisnotamomorisshe said...

I thought DH stood for "deployed husband." This is due to the fact that my only friend who has ever used that in a post did, indeed, have a deployed husband. Thanks for the knowledge.

I do not find it to be appealing when my food touches. Like the coleslaw juice getting into my mashed potatoes. Yuck.

I am guilty of the crime of not liking candy corn. Too much sugar and a not-so-yummy flavor. I have seen candy corns used as the teeth on Halloween-themed food decorations eg: a popcorn ball scarecrow head with candy corns for teeth. Ugh.

I do not like Katy Perry. She cannot sing well, and the only reason she is popular is because that "I kissed a girl" song is risque, which, obviouly means she is cool.

People who spend all kinds of time straightening their hair. Or blow drying it, for that matter. Don't you have anything better to do, like facebooking?

Using made up words, such as facebooking. Yes, it is now a verb. Conversate. Ugh. Chillax- this is apparently a combination of chill and relax.

My mother's fear/hatred of facebook. She doesn't really HAVE to be negative about evrything I like, does she?

My husband calling me several times a day when he is a work, just to tell me something dumb and ask me "so what are you doing? I miss you. What did you have for lunch?" Give me a break. I realize that he is bored at work and I am at home reading blogs and other nonsense on the internet, but leave me the heck alone!

Mispronunciations, whether they be unintentional or just to purposly sound ghetto. The word is not "axed." Say it with me, "asked."

Twilight, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, anything dealing with fantasy crap. I do not find it to be interesting.

People who think that Robert Pattinson is attractive. Or the Jonas Brothers. They are NOT good looking. Get over it.

John Candy movies. Meet the Parents movies. Or any movies in which anything and everything that could go wrong does! I hate that feeling it gives me when i just want to punch the characters in the mouth. The mother-in-law on Everybody Loves Raymond. And the character Raymond, for that matter. He is a douche.

U2 and Coldplay. OK, I said it. I am sick and tired of Coldplay.

Two-year-olds. They are assholes.

Three-year-olds that have not "grown out of it" yet.

Big deal weddings. I really don't see why anyone would need to plan a wedding for 2 years. Is it just to annoy all of their co-workers and family members? Or to draw endless attention to themselves? I think it is probably the attention thing. Personally, I had a 16-day engagement and planned a nice little ceremony for my closest family members, 16 of us, including the pastor and 2 friends to snap photos. I didn't worry about stepping on anybody's toes or hurting anyone's feelings for not including them in my "special day." I got married at age 31, and was knocked up. It's not like it was an entirely romantic, innocent bridal thing. It was, basically, just time to be married.

And lastly, my mother-in-law not wanting to talk about my son, or let any of her family or friends know that he existed. Is it because she does not want to deal with all the sympathy wishes? Or is she ashamed that people will do the math and figure out that I was pregnant at my wedding? Either way, it pisses me off.

Wow, I sure wrote a long comment! Maybe I should start a blog... apparently I have a lot to say.

Amberisnotamomorisshe said...

I just created a blog. Thanks, Niobe, for nudging me into this. Now you can comment directly to me. Yikes!

Dani819 said...

Reality TV


The DaVinci code (the book- I know everyone hated the movie)

Peter Lugers (the most revered steakhouse in New York)

Blackberries and iPhones

sunny days at the beach


any carbonated drink

Curb Your Enthusiasm