Friday, July 2, 2010

hit and run

Although it's technically the first Friday of the month, given the long weekend here in the US (and, I suppose, in Canada as well), I'm going to postpone our regularly-scheduled snark-fest 'til next Friday.  Try to bate your breath until then.  Or, depending on your view of this sort of thing, you have been warned. 

In other news, there's still time to enter the fun and educational giveaway.  Just add your comment to the previous post, specifying whether you'd prefer inhaleable chocolate or coffee.  A super-secret hint: since I'm doing the two drawings separately and since very, very few people have signed up for the coffee sweepstakes...well, you do the math.

And, finally, the lovely and talented Angie is featuring one of my photos today at Still Life 365, a very cool blog featuring creative works of various kinds focusing on the topic of loss.  Check it out -- and consider submitting a work (poem, photo, craft object, painting, whatever) of your own.