Thursday, January 25, 2007

beating the odds

So, Dr. M., fingering the sleeves of his reassuring white coat, told me what I already knew. If I get pregnant again, there's a 60% chance that I'll develop preeclampsia again. Of that 60%, about half would be at about the same time I developed it last time -- 26 weeks -- and about half would be later, but how much later, neither Dr. M. nor anyone else could say.

In sum: a 40% chance of no preeclampsia, a 30% chance of early-onset preeclampsia, likely leading to the same tragic result, and a 30% chance that the baby would reach something approaching what Dr. M. called "a respectable gestational age" before the preeclampsia began. I don't like those odds. I've already "won" what I think of as the negative lottery once, and I'm sure that I'm perfectly capable of doing it again.

To put it in perspective: There were about 4 million babies born in the United States in 2006. About 1,000 of them (two of which were mine) died of preeclampsia.

You do the math.


Adrienne said...

Odds are cruel things. Our odds were 2%, and whaddya know, we were in that oh so lucky 2%. Only we know what our tolerance is for those odds. Those of us who've found ourselves on the wrong side of them.

Kami said...

I know I am just getting caught up . . . but does baby aspirin help? In my DE cycle - which are more likely to have pregnancies complicated by preeclampsia - they prescribe 1 baby aspirin a day starting about two weeks before retrieval to minimize the risk.

I am so sorry you lost your children.