Thursday, February 1, 2007

in other worlds

If everything had turned out all right, in some alternative universe, right at this moment, the twins would be screaming and, bleary-eyed and cranky, I'd be trying to figure out which one to feed first. Both of them would be dressed in something pink and flowery, because I hadn't had time to wash the "boy" clothes, and I'd be thinking that maybe going back to work, just for a couple of days a week, might not be such a bad idea. I'd be wearing the same sweatpants I'd had on for the past four days and I'd be trying to remember when I last took a shower. The refrigerator would be full of bottles, the sink would be full of dishes, and I'd be wondering how I would possibly find the money to buy a bigger car.

I would never realize how lucky I was.


Elizabeth said...

Today I realize how lucky I am. I am so sorry for your losses. I promise never to take my blessing for granted. Thank you for sharing your life.

elisabeth said...

I just found your blog and in reading through it again remembered my grief when we lost our first child, although she was not as far along - 15 weeks. But, with time the grief fades. We now have a baby boy, and it is easy to forget how long we prayed for him and to just be overwhelmed. Thank you for your post that reminded me that he is a gift from God and that I should not forget how blessed I am to have him.