Tuesday, March 13, 2007


My therapist suggested that I take part in a local support group, called Life Raft, for "survivors" of various types of losses. Trying to smile sweetly, I told him that I just wouldn't feel comfortable (a phrase I've found very useful) joining.

However, I pointed out that it probably would be an excellent idea for the group to pick a different name, since the current one conjured up visions of the members slowly descending into madness, hallucinating as their supply of fresh water ran out, cannibalizing the weakest and throwing their remains to the circling sharks.


Aurelia said...

That IS a strange name for a support group.

I mean, I like support groups, because I found one that is full of other women like me, with pregnancy loss at different stages. But with all sorts of different people, I worry they would act like my losses were nothing compared to theirs, y'know?

Monica said...

You should join just to tell the members that. Ask them, "would you really want to be in a life raft with THESE people?" Laughter, even at others' expense can be a great elixir.