Monday, March 12, 2007

poetry and pr0n

I just spent a few minutes looking at the titles of the spam in my mailbox. There were the predictable offers to sell me Man-XL or to fix my manhood problems (parenthetically, I doubt whatever they're selling would fix my particular manhood problems).

But one message stood out as taking a slightly different approach. It was entitled "kindles in clothes a wantoness," which is a quotation from a vaguely misogynstic poem written by Robert Herrick around 1650 that we probably all had to read in high school.

It's not a bad poem. It's actually kind of clever, with an edgy rhyme scheme that echos its content about the charm of clothing in disarray. The theory being, I suppose, that a girl with loose shoelaces (or "shoestrings") is likely to be, uh, loose in other ways as well. However, it's an interesting, if unlikely, marketing technique, using a Cavalier (in both senses of the term) poet to promote "male enhancement medication."

But Herrick also wrote this:

Here a pretty baby lies
Sung asleep with lullabies:
Pray be silent and not stir
Th' easy earth that covers her.

Which is sweet and simple and which I liked even before I had any particular reason to.


kari said...

I hate that you had to join our tribe, but I love your writing.

Bronwyn said...

That last Herrick quote is lovely. If we'd have gone the burial route, that would have been something for the headstone. (God, that sounds gloomy!)

delphi said...

Love the Herrick.