Wednesday, September 5, 2007

laughing all the way

Judging by the searches that bring them here, a lot of people come to this site looking for jokes. Mostly dead baby jokes, of course, but also:

bread jokes
baker jokes
dirty one liner jokes
dutch jokes
existentialist jokes
first and last name jokes
hilarious circus jokes
jokes about famous dead people
jokes about having to walk
jokes about silver and gold
jokes about the dutch
jokes on blueberries
jokes on port containers
jokes to make people cry
mathematician iron jokes
mean stepmother jokes
middle names jokes
motherhood jokes
mystical jokes
one line grocery store jokes
raccoon jokes
raccon jokes
racoon jokes
stick shift jokes
therapist jokes

Looks like, such as it is, the joke's on them.


LAS said...

It is funny to look at the google searches that bring people to a blog...apparently if you google "cat pee" and "fabric sheet" you find mine. Ha ha!

Artblog said...

Gawd I wish my stats told me where people came from!

slouching mom said...

mathematician iron jokes


Magpie said...

I don't know, "existentialist jokes" seems pretty apt.

S. said...

I get all sorts of people looking for rhymes, often birthday rhymes. I find it encouraging, the amount of occasional poetry people are still writing in this day and age.

meg said...

You are so right, the joke is on them! Mean stepmother jokes, oh yes.

The Oneliner (Christina) said...

no one who googles jokes ends up on my site! WHERE is the justice? i think you're stealing my googlers!
and yes, the joke is on them. although, its not so funny, eh? *sigh*

Christine said...

man i didn't think there were so many different types of jokes!

painted maypole said...

I'm with SM - what the heck are mathmetician iron jokes?

delphi said...

The weirdness of the MYSTICAL GOOGLE SEARCH is mind-boggling, no?

Monica said...

I agree with magpie, existentialist jokes pretty much fits my blog.. but then so does, "jokes that make you cry". And since you are fond of things Classical, here's a stupid joke about the Greek tragedian Euripides.

Euripides tears his pants and takes them to a tailor to be fixed, only to have them tear at the same spot three times. Finally the tailor tires of seeing this sad old man in his shop. He finally exclaims, "Hey, Euripides, Eumenides!" (you rip these you mend these). Wah wah wah.

Now you will get hits for "bad classic jokes".

niobe said...

Hey, thanks Monica! I'm sure that your excellent joke will attract even more unwary googlers to my blog OF DOOM!!!!

Christina: Bwhahahah!!! All your googler are belong to me.*

*(stupid gamer joke, which is explained in great detailhere. If anyone actually, y'know,cares))

LeRoy Dissing said...

Fortunately, those coming for the reasons listed don't post anything. They have enough tact to not to that apparently.

Monica said...

HA Niobe! My husband says that all the time! "All your base are belong to me". His sides will split with this. Too bad I can't show him the actual post. Then he might make his way back to my blog. Then matter and antimatter collide.

Amelie said...

I like the fact that you get racoons in all sorts of spellings. Is that a google trick?

niobe said...

Amelie: I think it mostly reflects the fact that "raccoon" is kind of a hard word for people to spell. Probably the issue is the two consecutive sets of double letters. Also, I'm pretty sure that "racoon" is a legitimate alternative spelling.

Amelie said...

I looked it up specifically to avoid this trap and "racoon" was accepted... well, and I didn't see the small link to "raccoon" below the result until now.

AJW5403 said...

Well most people looking for my blog are looking for something to do with heartache (chest pains). Not sure why they type in heartache instead of chest pains. You would get a better search that way.

Jitters said...

mathematician iron jokes????

I can not even begin to imagine....

How about blueberries, I never thought they were that funny. A delightful summer fruit, yes. Funny, not so much.

Anonymous said...

:( I came here looking for the joke about the guy with the fussy baby in a grocery store, constantly offering assurances to John that the trip was nearly done, when someone commented on his patient handling of the tyke. The man responds, "Oh, I'm John."

Your "grocery store jokes" line got me here but now I can't deliver the joke any better. boo.

he he. Best wishes to you!