Thursday, March 13, 2008

a little list

Someone had the absolutely brilliant idea of writing a blog, which has been made into a book, consisting (mostly) of to-do lists submitted by readers. Here's what's on my list for Thursday, though, admittedly, some of the items fall more into the category of "notes to self."


  • buy 2 doz bagels + cream cheese

  • separation of powers

  • make dr appointment

  • refill prescriptions

  • upper volta (?)

  • plot of Yeoman of the Guard

  • pay car excise tax

  • renew resident parking permit

  • call clinic re waiver form

  • “The first thing a principle does -- if it really is a principle -- is to kill somebody.”

  • price (and book?) plane tix for Paris

What's on your list for today?


Julia said...

Send laptop requirements to the boss, check

Write the answer key for the problem set. Should be doing that right now. Ok, after lunch.

Tash said...

Work out. (check)

Grocery store for sundry necessaries, like milk, lettuce, and snacks for tonight's poker game (check)

read blogs

consider looking up phone numbers for at least 4 medical appointments that I should schedule for myself

pick Bella up and try and get through the afternoon without doing harm to either of us, or our dogs.

price/book plane tix to Aruba (not really, but it sounded so good on your list.)

Becky said...

Don't die.

Don't kill anyone else.

Becky said...

Oh, and try to keep something in my digestive system longer than 5 minutes.

Lori said...

You have some fascinating notes to self.

Perhaps because you ARE a fascinating self.

Lisa b said...


call lawyers

LAS said...

Write my to do list!!

painted maypole said...

i have already:
gone to open house
applied to school (x2)
get immunization records
drop off computer
mail check
e-mail aunt
to do:
call about mower
organize art cart
finish Emma
?clean outside toys?
?clean out shed?
?empty out porch?
Call C

K @ ourboxofrain said...

Other people's lists are way better than mine. Mine:

Pay car excise tax
Get exercise
Reschedule haircut (from a month ago -- you're looking shaggy)
Tell G and hope she doesn't flip out
Call drs office to find out when they decided to schedule your next appt for
From Beirut to Jerusalem
Write email from dog

Work: Prepare supplemental materials packet for K (asylum client)
Work: Draft motion to arbitrate
Work: Call M (identity theft client)

Clementine said...

I love to-do lists! I'm wicked Type A like that, so I especially appreciate this post.

Also, Paris? Do tell!

Amelie said...

Paris sounds great.
My list, lets see...
* check if results from yesterday are in (no)
* write some scripts for a project
* meet with someone from administration for a letter draft (met with someone else who thought our letter was fine already)
* lunch
* check if results are done now (yes)
* some more work and a project meeting
left to do:
* buy something for dinner
* work out
* wash dishes and cook food for tomorrow

Christine said...

i wish it included buying tickets for paris, but sadly not.

just a lot of boring crap.

Running on empty

Anonymous said...

You know, I never make lists. Maybe that's why I forgot....what was it?
Ally Pally

Betty M said...

Last count I had nearly 40 things on my house/personal list. The things i achieved today were
- moved the boy's swim class to a Tuesday so I could go and not the nanny
- spoke to my sister about her plans for our cousin's wedding in the summer
-checked when the primary school admission results go online
As usual I failed to get round to planning our trip to the wedding which as it is the other side of the world is a big deal and failed to get my blog off the ground again.

Karen said...

To Do:
fax OT results to school
fax OT results to school system
make appt to get headlights fix
deposit check from client
pick up T from bowling club
mailing for next class

birthday present for LP's friend
edit J's things
reply to inbox stuff

What to do about?
Easter - baskets for boys or no? candy or no?
Reschedule next class for May or no?
Plan anniversary weekend - go away or no?

Elizabeth said...

- yoga class
- call clinic re glucose test
- reschedule next appt.
- check e-mail
- read 3 chapters of Hirschhorn
- lunch meeting with Jane et al.
- call Vince
- attend class
- take a nap
- do dishes
- put basin under dripping pipe in bathroom
- find out when Dragon Day is
- watch TV online because Spring Break starts tomorrow!

Kymberli said...

Aurelia said...

I'm tired reading all these lists.

I have to pick up prescriptions, and put stuff away, and clear away mess for my new appliances.

But all I want to do is nap and cry.

Anonymous said...

*Attend nutrition seminar
*Wash Dishes
*Finish reading my current book
*Sleep for more than 4 hours

Ahuva Batya said...

I make lists not because I am Type A (oh, quite the opposite), but because I have a horrible memory. If I were to draw myself, I would be covered with post-it notes.

Magpie said...

Upper Volta is now Burkina Faso. Its capital is Ouagadougou - one of the all time great city names.

My list for today? Take mother to doctor. It stretched into two doctors and one doppler, and took from 9 to 5. But it's done.

Amanda said...

You have a great to-do list! My to-do list was completely scrapped when I broke my glasses and had to spend an entire day arranging for sight. Ugh.

I would have much rather spent my day completing your list -- or at least figuring out what a few of your things to do are.

Jennifer said...

made truffles with champagne

luna said...

one blog thing to do was to write a to-do list since I was tagged last week but too busy to do it...

ah paris, have you ever been? we went once a couple of years ago (consolation prize vacation) and it was wonderful. expensive, but wonderful. ~luna

Emily said...

((Before Charlie called:))

*Read ALL blogs in reader (It's FRI-day)

*Take a walk with the Babe down to the coffee shop.

*Enjoy Blueberr coffee cake--guilt free. (It's Friday! I've been good all week.)

*Ignore dishes in sink and lint on the carpet.

((After Charlie called))

*My sister will be flying in this evening. (Aaaahhh)

*Strip down all beds.

*Wash sheets, quilts and comforters.

*Dust, dust, dust. (Niece has wicked allergies.)




*Plan next 14 meals.

*Marathon Grocery Shopping Trip.

*Pray The Babe takes a nap, today.

*And generally run myself ragged.


G said...

- Get to work on time (failed)
- Try to actually get work done at work (so far, not so good)
- Work on being more positive at work instead of wishing physical harm on people
- Leave early after working so hard
- Try to break the, OMG its Friday, go home and party! attitude by hitting the gym
- Try not to hit the liquor store on the way home from gym.
- Make dinner (instead of going out, see friday tude above)
- Game most of the night
- Sleep

Anonymous said...

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