Friday, December 19, 2008

weather advisory

Calliope, commenting on the last post from the vantage point of 81 F, said (imagine me wiggling my fingers in the air to approximate quotation marks) I want SNOW.

Well, it's too bad she's not in my town. They've closed the schools and the courts, cancelled yoga class, postponed the office holiday party and sent us all home early. I stopped at the supermarket to pick up some turnips and found the aisles mobbed with people pushing overflowing carts, prompted by that atavistic urge to fill their cupboards just in case.

And, of course, at least so far, not a single flake has fallen.

All I can say is, this better be one mofo of a blizzard. And Kyrie better not pick tonight to go into labor.


Patti said...

We're supposed to get at least 25 cm of snow today (that's almost 10 inches), with more snow coming every day until Christmas.

I told my hubby that he can pretty much be guaranteed that I will go into labour during that time. Why? Because we live 40 minutes away from the hospital in GOOD weather.

Tash said...

Even worse, here they're predicting ice. I'd rather have snow.

And what is with people surviving for days on TP and milk?

Magpie said...

From my office window, on the 8th floor, it looks lovely. Down on the street, it is just like wet snow/freezing rain. Gross.

Were you buying turnips just in case? Or because you really wanted them?

Furrow said...

Magpie made me laugh.

Hold on, Kyrie. (I've been checking your blog 3 times a day lately, just in case).

Hennifer said...

It is 33 degrees here in the NW. There is lots of snow on the ground and more forecasted for tomorrow, up to a foot.

Sunday could bring freezing rain.

All week has been a mix of snow sticking, then melting, then ice, then snow, clear, ice, now snow.

My son has been out of school all week and I've not been sent home from work once. Boo.

I will be one of those throngs of people at the store myself tonight.

Best of wishes that there is no labouring for any of you if bad weather comes.

niobe said...


And actually, Magpie, I included that particular detail especially for you. (and, of course, for anyone else who happens to be obsessed with root vegetables)

k@lakly said...

Wait do turnips help stop the snow from falling or the baby from coming? I didn't read that book. You know, being from sunny CA and all.

Elspeth said...

I have nothing witty to say about turnips, having spent a considerable amount of time digging out from under approximately two feet of snow (ten inches fresh fallen, topped off by the blowing and drifting).

More snow coming. Yippee. <-- sarcasm

niobe said...

Elspeth: Ouch.

Perhaps it will distract and entertain you to learn (if you didn't already know) that if you cross a turnip with a cabbage, you get a rutabaga.

I may provide some information about mangel-wurzels in an upcoming post.

K @ ourboxofrain said...

It does appear to be one mofo. P got sent home at noon. My question is: will the current state of emergency prevent the UPS man from reaching my house with the Christmas cards and the presents that we actually got around to ordering?

Fingers-crossed that there is no labor today, or in the next three days to play it safe.

Kymberli said...

Labor? Eee. Whoa. Wow. I can't believe you're on any-day-now status.

Aurelia said...

It's here already. And it's a mofo alright, I guess to anyone not from Canada.

But to us---well I went shopping at the mall, took the boys to see Santa, and generally am now trying to do things around the house.

I think last winter was so rough, right when I was massively pregnant and all alone, no husband handy, that I have been toughened up, so to speak.

Or I could just be insane.


thirtysomething said...

I really like you.
Anyone who uses the word mofo is my friend.
Calling on the SNOW Gods right now.
It is damn near 70 f-ing degrees here - FIVE days before Christmas.

Smiling said...

Were people asking each other in line at hte supermarket whether they thought this blizzard would be as bad as THE blizzard of 78.. I found this a unique thing when I lived in blizzard country that people born after 78 would still talk about it as if they remember it first hand.

Hope Kyrie is enjoying the snowy beauty at home with not a hint of labor until the roads melt!

Julia said...

Still going by me. Monkey's piano concert was canceled. But we still had to dig out for a kiddie birthday party. Sigh... At least there will be bagels for adults. And coffee.

You are reading this from your warm home, yes? No emergencies in the night, yes?

calliope said...

OH! I didn't even think of the math involved for a snow/blizzard/Kyrie equation. oof!
Good news on the weather down here in Florida. Cold front is coming - will be a bristling 78 degrees on Christmas day!!

Monica H said...

It's supposed to be 40 F on Monday and 80F on Christmas Day. That's some wionter weather, huh?