Tuesday, October 20, 2009

lonely without u

lonely without u As the first entry in my (very) occasional abandoned-blog series, here's a forgotten blog that I absolutely love: lonely without u.

Not only is the layout quite cool and artistic, the words are kinda like accidental poetry. Or maybe like candy. The kind that's all chewy and sweet and caramelly and, even though you're not especially hungry and every bite makes you feel guilty, you just can't stop eating

U Tell Me, Is this the end?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i hate someone in my school. she is a girl name called l** l* k***. i hate her, i hate her. she is so action. i and jessie hate her like hell.

i dreamt about you and me at 4:32 am

Thursday, July 31, 2008

what to do, nothing to so sian

i dreamt about you and me at 9:50 pm

eta: It occurs to me, that while this doesn't exactly satisfy the requirements for Painted Maypole's latest Monday Mission (least of all because today is Tuesday), it does come somewhat close. And, yes, I know what they say about horseshoes and hand grenades. Anyway, click on the picture below for links to some bloggers who can actually follow directions.

monday mission


Magpie said...

I'm not sure which part of this I like best - the "i dreamt about you and me at _____", the whole found poetry aspect, or the fact that you, whimsical you, decided it was a Monday Mission.

painted maypole said...

hey, works for me.

except... um... obessed, anyone? If i were this girls mother I'd be worried.

then again, if I found my poetry from high school I'd be worried, too.

so, never mind.

(and look, I think this comment is longer than all her blog posts)

niobe said...

Painted Maypole: I think that's why I love this particular abandoned blog so much.

It's exactly the kind of angsty stuff I wrote in my own teenage diaries. But, when I looked at it later, I absolutely could not remember the emotions that prompted the apparently heart-felt words.

The fact that she abandoned this blog makes me think that she found something more fun to do with her time. :)