Sunday, December 20, 2009

measure for measure

You all really are kind of amazing. Thank you so, so much for suggesting a, well, veritable cornucopia of gorgeous names. I love them. In fact, I love them so much, that I’m beginning to wish that I was negotiating this name thing with one of since you seem to have such exquisite taste (or, which is almost the same thing, have managed to totally peg my taste).

What can I offer in return? Um, well I know that a few of you were noting that the recipes I linked to a couple of posts back used the inscrutable US measuring system. So, I give you a calculator conversion thingy that will help you figure out equivalents in grams. You can also try their beta version, which is a bit more complex.

Important tip: if you’re not using the beta calculator, be sure to scroll down and use the measurement for the particular ingredient you’re considering. Because (and this is probably obvious, but was news to me) a cup/tablespoon/teaspoon of, say, peanut butter most assuredly does not weigh the same as a cup/tablespoon/teaspoon of, say, baking powder.

And, at no extra cost, I’ll throw in a converter that deals solely how to generate measurements in grams for (you guessed it) tasty, tasty BUTTER!!!

Finally, because you’ve all been so incredibly generous in helping me out with my naming dilemma, once the, um, baby’s here (being recklessly optimistic about the whole thing), I’d be more than happy to share the name we end up choosing with anyone who actually wants to know. Details to (eventually) follow.

And, if there's anything else I can do to thank you, just, y'know, ask.