Tuesday, April 27, 2010

good intentions

into the frying pan

I'm an idiot for many reasons, not least of which is that I really, really thought I'd already posted this or at least a reasonable facsimile* thereof

First, because narrative clarity isn't my forte, I was planning to link to Ruby's birth story.

Second, I keep meaning to participate (And you should too! Participate, that is. Not mean to.) in Calliope's Photo Fridays, a weekly event where Calliope provides a prompt and you provide a photo.

For example, the picture above was supposed to be my representation of the Cooking Oil theme from a few weeks back. Though the actual theme was Cooking Oil and Electric Light Source, and it only now occurs to me that I'm not entirely sure whether it was a pick-one-from-column-A kind of thing or if photos of both are required. Obviously, if it's the latter, well, that's just another reason I'm an idiot.

*Also, because I'm always happy to provide unsolicited insight into the way Niobe's mind works, the word "facsimile" irresistibly reminds me of a sentence from some otherwise-forgotten 19th or early 20th work describing two sofas (or chaises or some kind of furniture) that facsimiled one another, meaning that they were exact duplicates. A usage that struck me as whatever the opposite of an anachronism is, something that seems temporally out of place, but actually isn't.

Like, for example, the all-too-modern (to my eyes, anyway) umbrellas in Caillebotte's famous Impressionist painting, Rainy Day. Which, incidentally, you can purchase in reproduction, printed on an actual umbrella. If you're so inclined.


areyoukiddingme said...

When I was young, we had a game called Masterpiece (in which everyone was an art dealer), and that was one of the paintings that you could buy and sell. Also, the Mary Cassatt with the mother and child and a basin. There - right back at you - unsolicited insights into my mind. :)

I think we could probably forgive your current distraction...

Magpie said...

See and I'm wondering about that red spot in the middle of the pan, and has it been sitting there for so long that it's RED HOT and GLOWING and ABOUT TO BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN?

Joy said...

All I can think about is how "Caillebotte" rolls off my tongue.

Kristin said...

Great picture!

Calliope said...

puffy hearts for the plug!!

thank you

diana said...

Caille-freezing (as in "ca caille", caille-rock as in cailloux, or caille-shellfish?

Nice painting, I have doubts about the umbrella (and the tote, i find it hideous).

We live in a planetary village for true, my frying pan facsimiles yours..